You Are Invited to

Created For More Summit 2022

It’s time to stop being average and start serving the world with the MORE that exists on the inside of you!

Date: 18th &19 Feb.2022

Time: Fri: 5-8PM GMT, Sat: 6-9PM GMT

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About The Summit

“Your potential is the gap between who you are and who you can be”

You were made for MORE. Regardless of who you are and where you are currently positioned in life, there will always be a deeper expression of everything you manifest on the outside. The infinitely boundless nature of our human experience is what gives us agency to BE higher in our thinking about ourselves and the world around us, to DO progressively greater things which align to how we have been innately wired and to HAVE more of both tangible and intangible wealth which allows us scale our influence and impact to the ends of the earth.

For this reason, the theme for this inaugural Created For More Summit, is get you ACTIVATED.

This content rich summit with World-class speakers from across the world will catalyse you into your next level and is specifically for you, if you:

Lack conviction in your identity and you do not know if or how you can be more than you currently are

Want to learn how through visioning, goal-setting and proper execution you can go from simply wanting to do more, to actually doing more

Want to develop the habits, practices and mindset principles that will help you put your hands on the plough and stay consistent from potential to execution

Learn how to cultivate self-leadership and mastery in the things that truly matter when it comes to seeing results and elevating your life

Want to learn how to attract, leverage and scale the resources and networks you require  to make significant impact and contributions to the world

Want to learn how to pivot from feeling stuck and uninspired to Being More, Doing More and Having More

If you are tired of status quo and are ready to activate your next level, I invite you to join me and my incredible line up of speakers at this not-to-be-missed event!

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Meet Our Speakers



Wealth Strategist

Keynote on ‘Activating Wealth For Your More’



New Media Consultant

Speaking on ‘Developing Mastery For Your More ‘

Yetunde Bankole-Bernard

Identity Coach

Speaking on ‘The Identity Of Becoming More’



Confidence Coach

Q&A on ‘The changing seasons of Your More’



High Performance Coach

Speaking on ‘Creating Time For Your More’



Structure & Process Expert

Speaking on ‘Scaling Your More’



Transformational Specialist

Speaking on ‘Growing Impact For Your More ‘

Ehi Ade-


Mindset Surgeon

Speaking on ‘The Mindset for Becoming More’

Dr Naomi


Visibility Coach

Speaking on ‘Leveraging Platforms and Networks For Becoming More’

Nancy Taiye


Global Strategy Consultant

Speaking on ‘Casting A Vision For Your More’



Self Actualisation Coach

Speaking on ‘Self-Actualisation : A Pathway To Becoming More’

Bralade Koroye


Boundaries Coach

Speaking on ‘Cultivating Self-Leadership For Your More’

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Day 1 - From 5pm GMT

Session 1: Tonbra Nwosuagwu

Session 2: Abigail Abigail Barnes

Session 3: Jimi Tewe

Session 4: Nancy Taiye Aragbaye

Session 5: Ehi Ade-mabo

Session 6 : Joyce Daniels - Q&A

Session 7 : Udo Ukonjo

Day 2 - From 4pm GMT

Session 1: Dr Ezinne Okwulehie

Session 2: John Obidi

Session 3: Joycee Awosika

Session 4: Bralade Koroye-Emenanjo

Session 5: Dr Naomi Osemedua

Session 6: Yetunde Bankole-Bernard

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You Are Invited to

Created For More Summit 2022

It’s time to stop being average and start serving the world with the MORE that exists on the inside of you!