Elevate from untapped potential to purposeful growth and inner fulfillment?

I want to Enroll I can show you how to live purposely through serving your generation with your gifts and gain inner fulfilment; adding value to the world by using what you have on the inside of you.

Does this sound like you?

You are struggling with inconsistency – You start with great enthusiasm but fall off track before long You feel as though you lack authenticity – Not feeling good enough to show up as who you really are You are really unhappy and you lack of fulfillment – There is this continuous feeling of there is more to you than it is at the moment. You are tired of being stuck and unable to move forward You have had enough of being busy being busy without any sense of achievement

You’re Not Alone…

One of the reasons people unfortunately become stuck is because they lack a sense of identity.  Not knowing who you are, what you carry and how you serve the world will leave you feeling like a boat that is being tossed by the wind or like a pawn in a chess game, devoid of power, only useful in serving the purposes of others.  This is what leads to feeling armstrung in a career you do not like, in a business that does not align with you and in a relationships that does not serve you.  Not being in touch with who you really are means you do not play to your strengths and ultimately not fulfil your potential.  If you are unsure about your true identity or if you feel your identity has been compromised in some way, I can help you see (re)discover yourself so that you can unveil all of your hidden potential and transform into your higher self.


What If You Could…

Discover the main reason for your existence and aligning every aspect of your life with that Have confidence and clarity about who you are and the purpose you serve Serve the world with all of your unique gifts and leave a legacy Show up as your authentic self with clarity and inner fulfilment You can go from…
  • Inconsistency due to Shallow roots, struggling with tasks aren’t always connected to a sense of purpose, so plan for completion is not supported by conviction
  • Lacking of understanding of true identity due to sense of worthiness being eroded, so you assume the expectations of others
  • Feeling regret for wasted time and opportunities
  • Lacking confidence to move forward purposefully
  • Experiencing mind numbing – Wasting time doing petty irrelevant tasks that add no value but offers convenient distraction
  • Feeling haunted by the feeling that people are suffering because you are not showing up.
  • Feeling confident in who you are
  • Having clarity on your purpose
  • Understanding your strengths and leveraging them
  • Having a vision for your life
  • Being disciplined and dedicated
  • Being effective and productive in life
  • Being happy and fulfilled
  • Putting yourself forward for opportunities
  • Maximizing your inner potential
  • Living the life you want and deserve



Monthly subscription-based group membership for women who want to do more and be more with their lives but are limited by procrastination, inconsistency, self doubt, dwindling confidence, unfulfillment and self sabotage. This program helps you Grow and leverage your inner gifts and abilities. If you are not ready to learn how to take bold steps that will create impact and influence in your life,  then this program is NOT for you. I want to Enroll I created this program because I was fed up seeing who are richly gifted and are desiring to be a blessing the world just like you, struggling to really harness their potentials and gifts.

In This Program, You’ll

Get support

Get support on your personal growth and development.

Gain Insights

Gain insights for making incremental changes for creating wins

Get a mindset re-engineering

Get a mindset and belief system re-engineering

Get accountability

Accountability for those who have been unsuccessful in ‘doing it alone’

Total Value is over £600/₦420,000

But you won’t need to pay that much or even half of it.

Your Investment: £143/ ₦100,000

You can pay in 2 installments



Enroll now and you’ll get access to these


Every month, we have themed growth focused classes with Tonbra and guest facilitators.


You get access to workbooks that will help you apply and implement what’s being learnt in the classes


We will read and review books together to explore how to practically apply them for our growth.

Success Stories

Being on a journey of self discovery, Tonbra’s coaching gave me great clarity. I have had a major mindset shift and I am now more confident and determined to unveil my unique identity, divinity, purpose, strength and talents to serve my generation purposefully.


”Tonbra forced me to dig deep and answer the questions that allowed me truly see myself the way God sees me and appreciate all I have been through to get here. She helped flesh out, unpack and give structure to who I really am on the inside.”





My name is Tonbra Nwosuagwu!

Since launching into coaching, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. Life is too short to feel stuck, stagnant, unfilled, unmotivated or unsure about your destination. Let me help you learn and develop into who your were created to be.


Who is Growth Circle for? The “School’ is for entrepreneurs who are willing to invest the time to network with others and IMPLEMENT the learnings, and not just watch the tutorials. Will the teachings work for me? Yes it works if you are a service based business, real estate professional or a product based business How much time do I need to invest? Commit 2-3 hours weekly to content creation and traffic strategies and you will be fine Can I get a refund? Due to the exceptionally low cost of this membership no refunds are available. Can I cancel my membership at any time? Yes!! You can cancel at any time. What if I miss the live classes? Not to worry, you will receive full access to the replay to watch at your convenience I’m not based in Nigeria, can I still join? Yes, we have had members from Ghana, Kenya, Spain, Canada, the UK, The US and Ukraine Why become a member today instead of waiting? The answer lies in your question frankly. Do you want to gain the financial freedom sooner or later? Do you want to scale your business sooner or later? The longer you delay investing in your professional growth, the longer it will take you to get where you need to be. Its now or never baby Can I get 1:1 help and support from Tonbra? You can ask your questions and get advice, support + feedback 24×7 from within our community! You can also get a more intimate help from your assigned coach in your accountability support group.


Send an email to ea@tonbra.com. If you have none, click the button below to enroll.